Using Your Interactive Smart Board

Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways Series on Interactive Whiteboards

NETS Standards

Reasons for use

  • Easily create presentations to use with and without the SMART Board.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the SMART Board - present, write, modify, save, all from the board itself.
  • Comes complete with thousands of images, templates, backgrounds, multimedia elements, activities, games and more.
  • Easily insert and edit images, audio files, video clips, text, icons, clipart.

Ease of use

  • Very easy to use - easy to create, easy to present.
  • Built-in Gallery can be browsed by topic or searched by keyword.
  • Drag and drop convenience.

Ways to use your SMARTBoard™ in your classroom

  • Digital storytelling
  • Brainstorm
  • Take notes directly into PowerPoint-Like presentations
  • Reinforce skills by using on-line interactive web sites
  • Teach editing skills using editing marks
  • Use highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  • Teach students how to navigate the Internet
  • Illustrate and write a book as a class. Use the record feature to narrate the text.
  • Diagram activities
  • Teach steps to a math problem.
  • Have students share projects during Parent/Teacher/Student conferences
  • Graphics and charts with ESL learners and special ed students.
  • Teach vocabulary
  • Electronic Word Wall
  • End each day by having students write one thing that they learned
  • Save lessons to present to students who were absent
  • Use the built in maps to teach continents, oceans, countries, or states and capitals.
  • Present presentations created by student or teacher

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